Welcome to unofficial UberEvents website

If you are this anxious and busy event or party organizer, we have good news for you. Uber has just invented new UberEvents service, which allows you to delegate Uber the part of your job, connected with guest delivery.

Presently you do not have to think how to deal with routes of dozens people to help them to arrive to or leave your event in time. Simply use pre-paid taxi rides for them using UberEvents and get famous for the best guest caring service in your city. Initially it has been launched in NYC and it is available for business only. But in soon UberEvents will be rolled out in all the most crowded cities of the USA. And probably in a year or two Uber turns it on for individuals and worldwide.

Let’s see how this latest Uber feature works. UberEvents has a special graphic interface where you act as a host and your guests act as guests. Then you set the maximum you are ready to pay for a ride (5 USD by default), the number of guests, enter their emails, pre-pay these rides and push the button. And the system will send promo codes through this guest list along with the invitation to your event. As soon as people begin using the codes, you will get notifications. And Uber Events will charge you for the completed rides. So you pay for the really done rides only. The rest of the reserved money can be transferred back to you or used by the system as a deposit for future occasions.

Uber gathers all information about your event first, and confirms the order with specific details. It keeps you from any possible mistakes , and once your order is completed, there is no way to update the details of your event any more. But there are some limits either. You cannot make a purchase equal of more that 10 000 USD.If you want to pre-pay rides for a bigger amount of money, connect UberEvents managers and they will help you to solve the problem. The codes issued by UberEvents are valid during 2 weeks. And they stop working immediately after the time you point as deadline.

If the value of the guest pass that you’ve purchased exceeds your set maximum, he or she will pay the difference with their default payment option. The invitation codes can be used by Uber members only but it is not a problem. All guests can register there for free and use your gift. If you are a guest who is invited to any event with UberEvents , please be sure you activate the code right before the trip to this event. Otherwise it can be considered as fraudulent attempt to use the service.